RDS Accounting is a team of highly experienced and dedicated Chartered Accountants and bankers who brings together a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise over years of working for multinational banks and audit firms. The firm is registered with Dubai Department of Economic Development.

Finance Accounting

We offer full range of finance and accounting support services. We work closely with business owners and CFOs to help them in aligning their financial goals with accounting processes, empower companies to have better control and visibility of their finance and achieve better business outcomes.

We are committed to deliver effective solutions that help to optimize business transactions processing, billing, collections, accounting of business transactions and preparation of financial statements and other areas critical to elevate the role of the finance function in client organization.

VAT & Excise Tax Counsulting

We help businesses to manage their tax effectively by providing tax advisory services, technical support and guidance.

Financial Services

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial modeling
  • Valuations
  • Project finance advisory
  • Investment advisory

Internal Audit

We stay at the forefront of internal audit developments. Our approach has evolved significantly through our work in almost all the major sectors of economy. This vast experience has allowed us to calibrate our approach, focusing efforts on priority areas, including proactive controls, risk prioritization, change management, and fraud detection.

External audit

Our external audit is conducted with clarity and assurance. Rather than rolling out a standard process, our external audit reports are vetted by our strategic audit partner who is recognised by all leading banks and free-zone authorities in UAE

We offer the following external audit service

  • Statutory audit
  • Non-statutory audit
  • Special purpose audit
Operational Efficiency

We assist our clients to achieve sustainable operational efficiencies by process & resource optimization, data analytics and using simulation tools; thereby help them to deliver products or services in most cost effective and timely manner while ensuring high quality of its products and services.

Enterprise Risk Management

We help our clients to ensure sound risk governance and our services cover both Financial Institutions and corporate businesses.

Our Services include:

  • Review of company strategy and objectives on vies of business
  • Framework; Identifying Risk areas; Development/Review of business
  • Risk Appetite Statement (RAS) Development/Review of Risk
  • Management Framework and Policies
Corporate Governance

The maintenance of effective Corporate Governance is a key priority for the Board. In all sectors – private, public and notfor-profit -stakeholders are insisted in increased transparency and dialogue with the leaders and boards of the organisations with which they engage. Best practice suggests that, boards should continually review their composition and effectiveness to identify the individual capabilities across the group of board members, and also to review the qualitative aspects of their effectiveness; the dynamics, relationships and overall success of the board as a team.

We offer our clients assessment & implementation consulting services on Corporate Governance and disclosure. Our Governance Service provides practical, relevant and time-effective solutions for the governance assessment, implementation and development of organisations of all types and in all sectors.

IT & Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): We develop effective SEO strategy to rank websites higher, at competitive rates. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – Google Ad words PPC/ PPI, Display Ads, Remarketing, Product Ads: SEM is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search results by paying the search engine (e. g Google Adwords). Compared to SEO, SEM gives immediate results.

Social Media Marketing: Our social media platform specific contents help our clients to reach their target customers and improves the brand visibility.

Email Marketing: We develop email campaigns to enable our clients to stay in touch with their customers and also helps them to acquire new customers. Apart from digital marketing services

Corporate Governance

We also offer the below specialized IT solutions:

  • Implementation of accounting software
  • Website development
  • iOS and android application development
  • Custom desktop and web applications